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Back to Germany

Finally, I am back to this place, the country gets me entangled in mazy emotions…
Just the first line of sight to the sky when I get off the plane, I know I am falling again.
The air, the temperature, the buildings, the trees… the people, all of these are reflecting the far-off memories.
Some are touched, but some are still dragging me…
I guess that’s exactly why I love it so much!
Even it’s still warm in August, I just can’t help to recall the first Christmas snow spinning in the sky, and those beautiful teeny tiny snowflakes falling on my face… just keep falling…
In that unknown little town along Rhine, at his cute log cabin, I can still smell the candles, the pine griove behind, the neighbor’s warm homemade cookies and his broccoli soup, even the hot tub and bubbles are still fresh in my mind…
I didn’t realize how much I miss this vibration untill now.
But I do know this throb is going to last forever… no matter how many times I go, it will always be the first and the only anxious treasure whenever I think of Germany.
海德堡 (61) 讓人揪心的香煙自動販賣機  
This little machine links my whole emotions to the old memories…
I wasn’t brave enough to reach it in the past, and yet I didn’t get to get a chance to reach it this time, even I was so close…

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